Before Sleep

Much is said about the amount of hours needed for a good night’s sleep. The general concept indicates that 8 continuous hours are ideal for replenishing energies and waking up willing for a new one. But far beyond quantity, the quality of this sleep is fundamental for body and mind to rest and can prevent a series of problems like irritation, lack of concentration and even obesity.
For a good night’s sleep several factors can contribute to bedtime, we must free our mind of worries and anxieties about what happened and what may come the next day. Some preparations just before bed are also essential, it is always good to take a shower before bed, brush your teeth, wear comfortable clothes and leave the environment with reduced lighting. Our brain takes into account the light of the environment to interpret whether it is day or night, and the artificial lighting of lamps and electronic devices can awaken the brain that when lying down will take a little time to realize that we have reached the moment of rest. The same goes for watching TV or moving your cell phone until bedtime. Try to get distracted by a book or listen to relaxing music. Details like these can contribute a lot to the quality of sleep, optimizing the available hours and ensuring a less tiring day to wake up.

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