Meet the 5 main elements of traditional Chinese medicine:

·         Wood

Wood is an element that is related to life, birth, growth and development, ensuring the free flow of Qi.

The liver is considered the center of metabolism, whose main function is to coordinate and determine the rhythm of activity of the other organs of the body, it also acts in the elimination of toxins and residues both at the physical, mental and psychic levels.

·         Fire

It is related to the summer, being more yang, warming our bodies, activating the growth of the plants being also related to the cordiality and the human relations.

The heart represents the circulation of all the products of metabolism, also representing the center of love and security.

·         Earth

It is linked to the time of harvest, everything that can be considered as nutrient is then related to this element.

The spleen and pancreas retain reserve energy, being considered as change resistance organs.

·         Metal

It is related to strength and structure, being considered as the main communication component, providing the material for electrical conductivity and magnetism.

The lung has the function of receiving the oxygen for the metabolism; being considered as a vital energy reserve organ.

·         Water

It represents more than 75% of our body, in addition to what we are generated inside a pouch containing water that is the amniotic fluid. Water is regarded as the most yin element, being essential for life, possessing the ability to always flow.

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