Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda massage is considered as a powerful method of treatment through deep touches with the hands, elbows and feet, bringing relief from tensions, strengthening of the immune system, antidepressant effects, anti-stress effects, effects on the skin, among other important effects.

This massage is considered as deep, combining vigorous movements that are associated with the traction and stretching maneuvers, provoking the stimulation of vital points and organs in order to acquire physical, mental, psychic and energetic balance.

This type of massage is very suitable for individuals who are stressed as it acts practically on all organic systems, ensuring a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients in general needed by the human body.

There is great efficacy with regard to the release of toxins, such as rejuvenation, stress and mental agitation, one of the first benefits is observed in the bloodstream, which ends up guaranteeing tissues a greater supply of oxygen.

A decrease in muscle fatigue may also be observed and is considered a great benefit to both the nerves and the brain.

By stretching the muscles, tendons and ligaments, the superficial capillary vessels and the sebaceous glands return to perform their functions in a more balanced way, and the feelings of depression are transformed into a more positive and optimistic attitude to sleep.

After the completion of the Ayurveda massage the client ends up feeling lighter, calmer and with a lot of energy.

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